Transport and logistics : road transport & shipping National and International, storage, express transport,
indivisible loads, ADR goods : hazardous waste, urgent transport, transport with FIDAA authorization, GRD


Vitadis, shipping department

Vitadis organizes and pays for your road transport charters in mainland France and abroad. Our charter service has built a network of committed partners. Our teams are at your disposal to take into account your constraints and organize your shipments from parcels to full trucks.

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Vitadis, operation team

With its fleet of eco-responsible tautliner trucks, Vitadis transports your goods in accordance with your needs. Our vehicles are all Euro 6E standard in order to respect the environment. Our drivers are regularly trained to ensure the quality of our service.

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Vitadis, express transport

Vitadis responds to your urgent shopping for the delivery of your goods, from parcels to complete batches, dangerous goods or not. Our teams are responsive and reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your emergencies. All our express road transport is tracked and geolocated.

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Vitadis, storage

Vitadis makes its logistics warehouses available for the storage of your goods in the short, medium and long term. Our teams are at your disposal for your order preparations, picking, kitting and the re-palletizing of your rejected pallets. Our storage buildings are video-monitored, we work with stock software, EDI and barcodes.

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