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PASS - FIDAA Authorization

Vitadis is an approved carrier to deliver goods to EDF CNPE nuclear power plants

Road transport with PASS authorization

Transport to the nuclear industry is highly regulated. Indeed, to enter a Nuclear Power Plant (Centrale Nucléaire de Production d’Electricité - CNPE) authorizations are mandatory.
Safety and security on these sites meet very strict specifications.
EDF has reviewed its BRHM (Base Ressources Humaines Métier - Business Human Resources Database) solution allowing service provider companies to request access to nuclear sites.
As of January 28, 2023, the FIDAA mask which authorized entry into a nuclear power plant becomes PASS (Plateforme d’Accès sur Site Sécurisé - Secure Site Access Platform).

AA requests (Access Authorization : previously FIDAA) must be made at least 2 weeks before the date of the intervention.
These accreditations are issued after a thorough investigation of our company and our drivers.
Among other things, we must provide the driver's identity card, the gray cards of our vehicles.

The PASS (previously FIDAA accreditation) is renewed every year. Vitadis is a PASS authorized carrier.

PASS - FIDAA Authorization

First of all, the PASS (Plateforme d’Accès sur Site Sécurisé - Secure Site Access Platform) is essential to enter the nuclear site.
Then an AOP (Avis d’Opération - Operation Notice: previously PEI) is necessary to load or unload goods at the heart of an EDF nuclear power plant (CNPE).

As they may be required to enter sensitive or highly dangerous places, our drivers all have the PASS and an AOP allowing them to access these different sites.

Since 2017, Vitadis has FIDAA authorization and now the PASS. Our experience, our seriousness and our rigor satisfy our customers.
For several years we have been doing this FIDAA/PASS registration process.

Our drivers bring you the necessary requirement for these types of transport. Authorized to be able to deliver and remove dangerous or non-dangerous goods on sites with specific recommendations, our drivers work in safety and for the safety of all.

Your products are therefore transported with kindness and rigor, and in compliance with the standards provided for on the sites.
Vitadis provides you with a tailor-made transport service for your deliveries and collections in French nuclear power plants.

The respect of deadlines, schedules, appointments are part of our quality of service as well as confidentiality.
We offer you a dedicated transport, without breaking loads. We guarantee you the follow-up of your transport thanks to our on-board computer.

If you are looking for a partner capable of managing the constraints linked to the weight and cost of the goods transported, contact Vitadis!

We have the necessary equipment for indivisible masses and heavy loads, our fleet of vehicles is equipped with chains, carpets, tensioners etc…
We also have carriers for smaller shipments or tighter locations.
All our straight trucks or semi-trailers (HGV) have taillift.
All our vehicles are geolocated and the drivers have the PASS (previously FIDAA authorization).

Glossary of acronyms :
AA : Autorisation d’Accès (previously FIDAA)
Accédant précédemment « intervenant : personne externe qui intervient sur site nucléaire »
AOP : Avis d’Opération (previously PEI)
ASOP : Avis Sans Opération (previously ARV)
BRHM : Base Ressources Humaines Métier
FIDAA : Fiche Individuel de Demande d’Autorisation d’Accès
PEI : Prévision d’Equipe Intervenante