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   In 1991, Daniel Godret created the company « STEM Euro » by offering regular lines between Amiens and Le Mans as well as Amiens and Chartres with four detachable carriers.

   In 1995, « La Diligence Picarde » was founded in Flixecourt by Yves Sauvage, he works in his attic. The investment is minimal, a light utility, a telephone and a computer. At the beginning the activity is mainly express transport or urgent travel. During this period, chartering represents a very large part of the activity, almost 100%, around 20 couriers are subcontractors.
   In 1999, Yves Sauvage hired a light vehicle driver who was still present at Vitadis

   In 2001, Yves Sauvage and Daniel Godret joined forces, from the merger of « STEM Euro » and « La Diligence Picarde » was born « VITADIS ».The name Vitadis is a deformation of Vitalis, a character in Hector Malot's novel, Sans Famille, a film seen by Yves Sauvage the day before the legal publication of the grouping. Yves Sauvage will learn much later that the places to walk described in the novel are those of his daily life.
Then word games are born, Vitadis is :

  • Quick to 10 employees
  • Quick to distribute
  • Quick to 10 million francs
  • Quick to 10 trucks

Vitadis moved into a warehouse in Saint Ouen (80) until 2013.
The company then operates two regular lines:

  • Lille-Arras-Amiens-Evreux-Chartres
  • Lille-Arras-Amiens-Rouen-Alençon-Le Mans

In 2006, Daniel Godret retired. Yves Sauvage runs the business, which is expanding and moving into the « Les Hauts du Val de Nièvre Secteur Ouest » business area at 3, allée des Quarante in Flixecourt (80)..

   In 2011, the number of employees increased and the truck fleet also increased.

   In 2016, Vitadis moved into new premises in the same business area « Les Hauts du Val de Nièvre Secteur Est » Avenue du Bisgaret in Ville-le-Marclet (80). The previous warehouse is closed. The offices are much more spacious as are the parking and circulation areas. The storage area decreases slightly. The truck fleet is increasing significantly and so is the number of employees.

   In 2018, Yves Sauvage joined forces in Vitadis with Martial Libert, an employee for 12 years. The storage service is developing with the opening of a 2,800 m² warehouse in Saint Ouen (80).

   In January 2020, Yves Sauvage died accidentally. Martial Libert takes over the management of Vitadis. The whole world is affected by the COVID 19 crisis.

  In 2021, the storage service is expanding with the opening of a third warehouse of 2,500 m² in Saint Ouen (80).

  In 2022, half of Vitadis' trucks are replaced by MAN Euro 6E. All our vehicles were already Euro 6, but the new ones are much more efficient, especially in terms of the environment.

 In 2022, the company is labeled Objective CO2. Vitadis has been a signatory of the Objectif CO2 charter since 2010.

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