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Urgent errand

Do you need urgent transport? Do your goods need to be transported as quickly as possible and with all the necessary attention? The solution is Vitadis!

The urgent transport service is our business, we offer you personalized transport solutions adapted to your needs from 1 kg to 27.5 tonnes. Vitadis offers shipments throughout France, Europe and internationally.

For all types of activities: automotive, aeronautics, agri-food, heavy loads, high value-added products, ADR hazardous materials, indivisible masses, waste, etc., we receive your request and provide you with the appropriate solution within a short time. The Vitadis team is at your disposal all year round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Punctuality, responsiveness, we guarantee collection at the agreed times, in compliance with regulations and in optimum safety conditions. Our dedicated experts design and manage solutions commensurate with your challenges.

From small packages to heavy goods vehicles, including helicopters! The geolocation of our vehicles allows our team to inform you in real time about the progress of your urgent race and guarantees you a quality service. Vitadis brings you its know-how.

7 days out of 7

24 hours out of 24

Some industrial sectors cannot afford to have breaks in production lines or manufacturing chains. All Vitadis Heavy Duty vehicles are equipped with chains and tensioners for urgent transport of indivisible masses or heavy loads: injection mould, steel coil, generator, thermoforming mould, motor, electrical transformer, etc. Industry, especially automotive and aeronautics, need urgent shopping for the transport of spare parts and supplies. Vitadis brings you its technique and its experience for your urgent transport.

An emergency for the transport of palletized products subject to ADR, the Vitadis team has the equipment for ADR dangerous goods and a tailgate if necessary.

Our guarantees:

  • Urgent transport of all goods from parcels to complete batches in complete safety: molds for industry or automotive parts, food processing, high value-added products, ADR hazardous materials, indivisible masses, etc.: pictos-transports
  • Dedicated and adapted urgent transport means according to your needs pictos-transports
  • Your urgent race tracked by geolocation in real time
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