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Repalletization and redelivery service

The VITADIS storage warehouses have the advantage of being very near the biggest distribution sites and logistics centres with delivery scheduling such as Amazon, Auchan, Intermarché and Cora in the Amiens - Abbeville - Doullens - Roye - Chaulnes areas.

You're a haulier, supplier or merchant approved by a retail chain …

… Deposit your goods in our warehouses and we'll take over to convey them to your customer.
Your products have been refused, need to repalettise your goods, your freight does not comply for your customer? We can remake the pallets to the right dimensions.
Thanks to this service you'll save time … and money! We take care of the redelivery without or with appointment at the addressee.


VITADIS is located in the heart of Europe in the Hauts-de-France region, at the crossroads between Normandy, the Nord and the Parisian region.



Vitadis entrepôts logistique Hauts de France Amiens Abbeville Flixecourt A16