Controlled temperature transport

In organising our transport, we respect the temperature constraints related to your goods. Pharmaceutical or industrial products … dangerous goods …

Your goods are always delivered at the right temperature!

Fleet geolocation



From -25° to +25°

  • Pharmaceutical and TIR approval
  • Double-deck transport, rear loading

    Example of combinations with divisible heights:

    • Tier H. 1.30m / Floor H. 1.30m
    • Tier H. 1.40m/ Floor H. 1.20m
    • Tier H. 1.60m/ Floor H. 1.00m
  • Dual temperature
  • Freight security, transport framework conditions, safety plans …

    Our expert operators and safety advisers are there for you at all times

We transport

  • General goods in pallets
  • ADR goods, ADR waste, in pallets (drivers trained and supervised by a Safety Adviser)
  • Indivisible loads: reels, machines, heavy loads, oversize loads …