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Vitadis was created 20 years ago by Yves Sauvage. Vitadis was then called "La Diligence Picarde" (Picardy Despatch).

The name Vitadis appeared about 4 years after “La Diligence Picarde” creation :thanks to Stem-Euro and Diligence Picarde merging.

The name Vitadis is a variation of Vitalis, a character in the novel Sans Famille, by Hector Malot, a film seen by Yves Sauvagea day before the legal publication of the grouping together.

Vitadis means:

  • Fast to 10 employees
  • Fast to 10 million francs
  • Fast distribution
  • Fast to 10 lorries

It was much later that I learnt that the novel was written around Flixecourt and that my promenade places crossed those of Rémy and Vitalis.

Vitadis grew gently, with the idea that our service should be prompt, effective and customer oriented.

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Yves Sauvage